Instruments for Control, Regulation and Protection
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Pressure Switches

DPSA-20, Differential for Air

Air differential pressure switches

PS12C-C, -0.5 to 6bar

Pressure switches with tamper-proof concealed adjusting

PS12. Pressostats, -0.5 to 6bar

Pressure switches 1/4" male and female connection

B01. Non-adjustable Diff

Pressure switches with stainless steel diaphragm Fixed differential B01A/B/C/D

B11.. B12A/B, Hydrostats, vacumstat

Hydrostats / pressovacumstats with metallic diaphragm B11AN, B12AN and B12BN

B12C/D/E, -0.2 to 8bar

Pressure switches with stainless steel diaphragm B12C/D/E Refrigeration B12CR, B12ER

B12F/G/N, up to 300bar

Pressure switches with piston (hydraulics)

B13B/C, Low differential

Pressure switches with low differential

DPSW-113, Differential for Water

Water differential pressure switches

Optional extra

Weatherproof to IP65 1⁄4" BSP male connections Sealed gland